Mission Statement

The Mission of Modern College of Business and Science is to facilitate learning and growth in knowledge, skills, innovation, and technical know-how that will best serve the community in the 21st Century.

Vision Statement

To be a prominent institution of higher education in the region.

To realize and achieve the vision and mission, MCBS adopted five key perspectives which were derived as the result of examining the internal and external environments of MCBS.


MCBS seeks to establish a place of prominence for teaching and research, experiential and lifelong learning, and community outreach and engagement. The college is committed to developing graduates who are creative and who will assume roles of responsible positions and service to their society.

MCBS has defined 9 Graduate Attributes that will provide a robust and desirable framework for engaging with the world and with ongoing learning of new knowledge. These are qualities and skills that all MCBS students should seek to develop and build upon as outcome of the learning they engage with on their program of study at the College and beyond.

Strategic Priorities

MCBS Strategic Priorities

The strategic plan sets the priorities and direction of the institution as Modern College of Business & Science heads into its next decade. Voices from every corner of the MCBS community contributed to this plan, which was unanimously approved by the Board of Trustees in the fall of 2019. The strategy represents a renewed commitment to the MCBS Vision.

Each of our five guiding goals underpin the objectives of the strategic plan:

Student Academic Excellence

Student learning experience, resources, and academic standards.


Governance and management systems and processes, and institutional growth.

Faculty and Support Staff

Human capital planning and development.

Research, Consultancy and Development

Contribute to the creation, sharing of knowledge and expertise.

Community Engagement & Outreach

Effective involvement with industry and community.