MCBS offer 30 academic programs, one foundational program and several training programs through The Academy. The academic programs are divided as follows (shown in Table below):
  • 7 master’s programs (4 in English medium instruction and 3 in Arabic medium instruction)
  • 19 bachelor’s programs (17 in English medium instruction and 2 in Arabic medium instruction)
  • 4 associate programs (3 in English medium instruction and 1 in Arabic medium instruction)



SrName of ProgramDegree
English Medium Instruction
1Business Administration:Associate of Science (AS)
Economics and Banking
Management Information Systems
2Computer ScienceAssociate of Science (AS)
Information Communication TechnologyAssociate of Science (AS)
Arabic Medium Instruction
Associate of Public Administration


SrName of ProgramDegree
English Medium Instruction
5Business Administration:Bachelor of Science (BS)
AccountingBachelor of Science (BS)
FinanceBachelor of Science (BS)
Accounting and FinanceBachelor of Science (BS)
Management Information SystemsBachelor of Science (BS)
Management & Organizational BehaviorBachelor of Science (BS)
MarketingBachelor of Science (BS)
Management & Organizational Behavior and MarketingBachelor of Science (BS)
6EconomicsBachelor of Arts (BA)
7AccountingBachelor of Science (BS)
8Commercial LawBachelor of Science (BS)
9Aviation ManagementBachelor of Science (BS)
10Airport ManagementBachelor of Science (BS)
11Health and Safety ManagementBachelor of Science (BS)
12Risk Management and InsuranceBachelor of Science (BS)
13Management of Design, Innovation and EntrepreneurshipBachelor of Science (BS)
14Transport and Logistics ManagementBachelor of Science (BS)
15Auditing and Forensic Accounting NEWBachelor of Science (BS)
16Digital Business Management: NEWBachelor of Science (BS)
Digital Marketing and Social Media ManagementBachelor of Science (BS)
Digital Leadership and ManagementBachelor of Science (BS)
17StatisticsBachelor of Science (BS)
18Computer Science:Bachelor of Science (BS)
GeneralBachelor of Science (BS)
Cyber SecurityBachelor of Science (BS)
Artificial IntelligenceBachelor of Science (BS)
Data ScienceBachelor of Science (BS)
Mobile Apps and Ubiquitous ComputingBachelor of Science (BS)
19Applied Technologies:Bachelor of Science (BS)
Internet of Things (IOT)Bachelor of Science (BS)
Data AnalyticsBachelor of Science (BS)
Augmented and Virtual RealityBachelor of Science (BS)
Robotics and Intelligent systemsBachelor of Science (BS)
20Information SystemsBachelor of Science (BS)
21Information SecurityBachelor of Science (BS)
22Game Development and AnimationBachelor of Science (BS)
Arabic Medium Instruction
23Bachelor of Public Administration
24Bachelor of Business Administration:
Human Resources
Organizational Behavior


SrName of ProgramDegree
1Master of Business AdministrationMBA
2Master of Information TechnologyMIT
3Master of Islamic Banking and FinanceMIBF
4Master in Commercial LawMCL
5Master of Business AdministrationMBA (Arabic)
6Master of Human Resource ManagementMHRM (Arabic)
7Master of Public AdministrationMPA (Arabic)