Important Milestones


Signing of MOU with UMSL


Official MCBS Inauguration


First Graduation
(10 graduates)
Associate Degrees


Bachelor’s degree Program offered through UMSL


Provisional Accreditation by OAC


Moved to new facilities in Bawshar


MBA program offered through Franklin University


MCBS launch of The Academy. Center for Professional Studies


Modern College of Business and Science (MCBS), the nation’s first full-fledge private college, was founded in 1996 by Dr. Muneer bin Mohammed Al Maskari and licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education. The founders’ vision—to attract the nation’s brightest students and offer them a rigorous education coupled with a strong curricular—has been successfully realized and expanded.

The College was founded in pursuant to the country’s decision to develop a private sector of higher education. The first graduation was in 1998; subsequently the College has grown in size, scope and complexity.

The Modern College of Business and Science is inextricably tied to the Oman’s remarkable past, actively shaping its dynamic present, and deeply engaged in realizing its exciting future. MCBS is proud of its extensive and enduring contributions to our country, and we are honored to be a part of Oman’s vital growth and limitless potential.

Initially, the vision and goal of the College was to provide a foundation program with the first two year’s educational experience to Omani students who would subsequently transfer to the affiliate university in the United States, the University of Missouri, St. Louis. Thus, initially the College offered only the first two years of a four-year educational program patterned on the American higher educational model.

In 2001, the College added a third year of the four-year educational program. However, the educational model was still one of having Omani students complete their educational degree program in the United States. In 2002, the College added a fourth year, thereby allowing Omani students to earn their bachelor’s degrees locally.

An important step in the development and growth of the College was its seeking accreditation from the Oman Accreditation Council (OAC). In 2004, MCBS sought institutional and programmatic accreditation which would allow it to offer bachelor’s degree programs in Oman. The college was successful in its application and on the strength of its submission, it was awarded Provisional Accreditation by the OAC.

The College subsequently submitted its application for full accreditation in 2006. This application was not acted on because of external issues dealing with a change in the actual accreditation system employed by the Accreditation Council and internal issues in MCBS.

In 2007, the College agreed to abandon its quest for full accreditation and, while it kept its designation of provisional accreditation, it agreed to enter the Quality Audit Process which now guides the Oman Accreditation Council. The report was released in December 2009 commending the College for its relationship with UMSL that improves curriculum and gives the College an international dimension. Moreover, report also commending MCBS for the Fulbright scholarships which add expertise and improve curriculum.

Up to date six Fulbright faculty worked at the College as follows: Dr. Hal Nystrom, University of Missouri, 2004, Dr. Tom Bromowski, University Wisconsin, (2005-2006); Ms. Meredith Lang JD, University of Kansas (2007-2008); Dr. Kathleen Miezio, Marshall University, 2008-2009; Dr. Beverly, University of Florida, 2010-.

For the first time in the history of Higher Education: An American Franklin University MBA Program in Oman, with specialization in Finance, Human Resources, and Management Information Systems was host by MCBS in January 2011. In 2007 the College moved to the new and current facilities in Bawshar.

Modern College of Business and Science opened in September 1996. Forty-eight students and seven faculty who shared the dream of starting a college were on hand when the school opened its doors.

When the first class arrived, the Modern College of Business and Science Al Khuwair campus consisted of a few classrooms and equipment. During the early years, most faculty members readily took on administrative responsibilities in addition to their teaching jobs. Some classes were even held in the homes of faculty and staff.

In June 1998, the College held its first commencement. Because of the diminutive size of the graduating class, the ceremony drew national attention and was televised. The graduates today hold decision making roles both in the public and private sector.

Gradually, more classrooms were built, and students began to fill them. By 2002, a four-year bachelor’s degree program was offered through UMSL. Modern College of Business and Science celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2021, with student enrollment at [database team to provide figure] and climbing.

In 1996, Dr. Muneer Al Maskari became the first Dean of Modern College of Business and Science, followed by Dr. Larry Timpe in 2001, Dr. Bernard La Berge in 2002, Dr. Badr El Din in 2008, Dr. Ahmed Al Naamany in 2012, Dr . Aboud Al Sawafi in 2019 and the current Dean, Dr. Moosa Al Kindi in 2021.

Today, xxx extraordinary students are enrolled at Modern College of Business and Science, learning through rigorous and challenging educational experiences from a highly committed faculty. Recently, the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority reaffirmed the institutional accreditation for the College.

Throughout its history, Modern College of Business and Science has educated students of exceptional qualities. We gather individuals, regardless of financial circumstances, into a community that is strongly rooted in Oman yet global in its orientation.

Through close ties among a diverse group of faculty, staff, and classmates, MCBS students are inspired to engage in the probing inquiry and creative learning that enable them to identify and address their intellectual passions. This experience will continue to guide their contributions as the next generation of leaders, scholars and engaged members of society to fulfill the vision of the College’s founders.

Dr. Muneer bin Mohammed Al-Maskari is a well-known Omani educator, holds a PhD Degree from the University of Missouri Saint Louis in USA, majoring in Labor Economics. Master of Arts - Political Science, University of Missouri - St. Louis, Missouri U.S.A; Master of Arts – Economics and a Master of Arts - Business Management, Webster College, St. Louis, Missouri U.S.A; Bachelor of Science - Business Administration Fontbonne College, St. Louis, Missouri U.S.A.

Dr Muneer was awarded/granted an International Distinction as the “Ideal /best Graduate/Alumni” in 2000 from University of Missouri St. Louis, USA from among 58,000 students, thus being the first International non-American student to be awarded such a distinction. Dr. Al-Maskari was also assigned to be “Fellowship” in the: International Studies in University of Missouri St. Louis in 1998. He was also trained in how to manage a Higher Education Institute in a Community College in Saint Charles, Missouri, USA.

Dr Muneer was then assigned to be the First Dean of the Modern College of Business and Science in 1996. Dr. Muneer served his country in a position of Undersecretary for Manpower (from……to……) before he was nominated a member of the State Council in (…..to….)