Message from the Director of Human Resources & Administration

The Department of Human Resources and Administration is committed to contribute to fulfillment of MCBS mission and vision by supporting faculty and staff in their efforts to enhance the quality of education in Oman.

Our commitment to delivering quality service, promoting creative solutions, fostering growth and serving each member of our community is the motivation for everything we do.
We engage the talent market to recruit qualified and experienced faculty. We continuously support them to reach their full potential through effective talent acquisition and development programs and processes. We foster a work environment that supports creativity, excellence, productivity, respect, and fairness. Together we work to strengthen the college’s ability to attract, develop and retain talent in this diverse work and learning environment.

Working in collaboration with the MCBS community, the department of Human Resources dedicates time, energy, and resources to ensure the college as a workplace of choice.

Mohammed Al Barwani, MSc, MA
Director of Human Resources & Administration

HR & Admin Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities for Human Resources at MCBS

The Modern College of Business and Science (MCBS) is committed to providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today’s competitive job market. The college’s employment strategic objectives are focused in attracting and developing qualified members of faculty who can support MCBS students in providing them with the skills and competences they need to succeed in their chosen careers, and in helping them build strong relationships with employers in Oman and around the world. Some of the key strategic priorities of MCBS include:

  • Hiring and recruiting young and talented Omanis: Attract and retain young and talented Omanis who can contribute to the growth of the Institution.
  • Developing young talents and supporting their career growth aspirations: Provide opportunities for young talents to develop their skills and support their career growth aspirations.
  • Fostering and promoting PhD holders experienced in higher education: Foster and promote experienced PhD holders enhance the quality of education.
  • Qualified and experienced faculty in teaching requirements for the 21st century skills and 4th Industrial revolution: Recruit qualified and experienced faculty who can teach the requirements for 21st century skills and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Diverse international faculty capable of sharing broad experiences and exposure to MCBS students of best practices: Recruit a diverse international faculty who can share broad experiences and exposure to MCBS students of best practices.

New Employee Onboarding

It is our utmost desire to provide a warm welcome to all new employees as they begin their career at our outstanding institution steeped in rich tradition.

A positive transition can leave a lasting impression with a new employee. Our HR manager takes the time to support the new employee during this transition with onboarding package. Guiding new employees is a key responsibility of supervisors and managers.

The talent and contributions of every single member of the MCBS community is vital to advancing our mission through creation, translation, and dissemination of knowledge in teaching, research, and service.

Quick Facts

Orientation Goals

  • Promote and set expectations to minimize learning curves and ensure optimum alignment with MCBS work environment.
  • Introduce departmental goals, policies, procedures and protocols.
  • Convey the supervisor’s or manager’s expectations.
  • Assist new employee in developing quality working relationships with colleagues.
  • Address the anxieties of the new employee’s experience.
  • Provide access to information and resources necessary for the job.
  • Introduce support services.

Forge a partnership between the employee, the hiring department and other service units.

Department Contact

First Floor, Room F10003, Right Wing

Ph: (+968) 24 583523/539/540/559/565/582


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